Google set to optimize Android tablets with updated apps

Shaun M Jooste


Earlier this year, Google announced the 12L update that would improve the performance of Android tablets and related apps. The media giant finally released more information yesterday about more features and functions you can use. For the most part, the update has to do with several applications in the Google Workspace sphere, related to Android 13 devices.

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As announced in one of Google’s press releases, Android tablets are finally receiving more improvements following the 12L update. The apps you’ll see new features for include Google Slides, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Keep. In essence, the changes affect how you perform tasks on your device, increasing productivity by saving time with specific actions.

Google set to optimize Android tablets with updated apps

While Google mentions all these applications, the new update affects them all in the same way with new functions. For example, you can now drag and drop items from one window to another when you have a split-screen view. It also helps when you need to upload images into a sheet or document, which you can now simply drag across.

Google set to optimize Android tablets with updated apps

You can also split your Google Drive window for a side-by-side view. It helps when you’re working across multiple folders, and you need to see different information or drag files across. This new Android tablet function is also useful when you have Keep open on one side so you can quickly insert images from your Drive.

Another feature update is the inclusion of keyboard shortcuts, which only benefit you if you have a keyboard attached to your tablet. You can now use the same shortcuts as you would on a Windows desktop, making your life easier so you don’t need to select and copy text with movements on the touch screen.

All of this is favorable news after Google needed to backtrack on a permissions mess-up recently. The tech giant indicated that the features will roll out over the next few weeks.

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