Android updates are now easier than ever

Patrick Devaney


Software updates are more important than ever these days. As we move more and more of our lives into the online digital realm, we increasingly connect ourselves to a global web that as well as offering opportunity and efficiency also offers access to who we are and what we own to malicious actors and scammers. Software updates are one way of staying safe as they often come packed with security patches and upgrades. Updates, however, can be a bit of a pain, which is why this news from Google about updates for its Android mobile operating system is welcome.

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Traditionally, Android has always had a much smoother updating process than iOS but it looks like the gap between the two is about to grow even larger as reports are coming through that it will soon be automatically set for Seamless Updates to occur on Android mobiles.

Android updates are now easier than ever

The Seamless Updates feature has been on Android for a while now and enables updates to automatically download in the background. The result is that updates occur, you guessed it, seamlessly without you noticing until the device restarts and the update becomes active.

The catch with the feature, however, us that it has only ever really been active on Google’s own line of Pixel phones as third-party manufacturers normally deactivate the feature when they adapt Android to work on their smartphones. This means that if the report from Tech Radar is true, the feature will soon be active on all Android phones, which means they will have the latest security updates installed on them more than 95% of the time.

Not only will this change keep users safe, but the wholesale blanketing of all Android phones with the latest security updates and patches will also likely have an effect on the malware industry too and cause a whole sector’s worth of scammers and cybercriminals to either give up all together or seek out new pastures.

In other recent cybersecurity news, did you know that Windows 11 has now become an unattractive target for brute force attacks?

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